New Developments

In most cases, the sales price for a new construction home includes commission for a real estate agent, whether you are represented by one or not. Since you’re probably already paying for one, why not get the best representation from a Real Estate Sales Representative whose #1 priority is YOU?

After all, the sales representatives in the sales office represent the interests of the builder, not YOU. Shamir will represent your interests and make sure you pay the right price and negotiate the best contract on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: In most cases Shamir must accompany you on your very first visit to the sales office in order for him  to represent you. Make sure you let the builder know you have an agent – this will help qualify you as a serious buyer!

Say it with Colour

Say it with Colour

Even on the dullest winter day, colour fills our lives.  Look around and you’ll see a thousand shades of greens and browns, violets, greys, golds and blues.  Colour is also part of our language.  Few of us will dispute that it affects our moods and how we feel — red with anger, green with envy,…